Call for Papers

State Building and Globalization
Graduate seminar led by Professor Iver B. Neumann will be held at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade

In partnership with:
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
Belgrade Centre for Security Policy

May 3-4, 2011
Belgrade Serbia

The Faculty of Political Sciences is pleased to invite graduate students (MA,
PhD)to submit 500-word proposals papers to be delivered at the graduate seminar
“State Building and Globalization” to be held on May 3-4 2011 at the Faculty of
Political Sciences, University of Belgrade.

The goal of the seminar is to have the current challenges to state-building,
stemming from the process of globalization, discussed from a longer-term
historic perspective of state formation. The seminar organizers welcome both
theoretical and case-specific studies addressing one of the following issues
-Whither state building in International Relations theory? What can we learn
about contemporary state building by thinking historically about early state
formation? How does globalization challenge nation-state as the dominant form
of polity? Is state building a feasible foreign policy concept? What are the
universal and specific features of state building processes in the Western
Balkans? How contested sovereignties coupled with strong external penetration
affect state building in the region?

The first day of the two-day seminar will begin with two keynote lectures
delivered by Professor Iver B. Neumann. The first will address the classic
contributions to the study of state formation by historical sociologists such
as Emile Durkheim and Max Weber, and will discuss the contemporary debates,
including the return of the imperial debate and post-colonialist
contributions. The second lecture will discuss different types of polities such
as early European polities, nomadic steppe empires and overseas empires, as
well as the systems they have made up. The lectures will be followed by students’

The second day will also start with Professor Neumann’s lecture on the extent
to which globalization threatens the role of states relative to other agents. This
lecture will be followed by students’ presentations and discussion of their
papers. Selected papers will be published in a special edition of the Western
Balkans Security Observer, academic journal of the Belgrade Centre for Security
Policy, which is an independent think tank from Serbia.

Please note that the Faculty of Political Sciences itself cannot pay expenses
to seminar contributers, who must meet the cost of attendance from their own

All submissions are required to contain the applicant’s CV attached to his/her
paper proposal. Submissions should be made electronically to Filip Ejdus at
filip.ejdus@fpn.bg.ac.rs. The deadline for submissions is extended
until February 15, 2011.